Illustration © Mark Stehrenberger

The 2002 Dodge Ram Pickup

The 2002 Dodge Ram is expected to be an evolutionary refinement of the current Ram, not the revolutionary design that distinguished today's truck from the previous generation.

Combining styling cues from the present day Ram with some features first seen in the Dodge MAXXcab concept, sources at DaimlerChrysler inform us that we are very accurate with this depiction of the next Dodge Ram pickup. The strong Ram cross-hair grille remains, as ever, the most prominent feature but will become slightly more angular. The headlights will increase in size and prominence and the fenders continue to blend back into the cab providing the 'big rig' look that the Ram has become well known for. The truck is also expected to grow in length and width.

Several new engines will be offered in the '02 Ram including: the 'Next-Generation Magnum 4.7 liter V8'; the return of the Hemi lineup starting with a 5.7 liter V8 - first featured in the Chrysler 300 Hemi C concept car where it produced 353hp and 353ft-lb of torque in a 353 cubic inch package; and a rumored new V10.

There are also some rumors that the next-gen Dodge Ram Heavy Duty truck, when it debuts, will be very similar in appearance to the Dodge Power Wagon Concept to distinguish it from the lighter duty truck shown above. The next Heavy Duty Dodge Ram may also use the Allison transmission, used in the 2001 GM Heavy Duty trucks, when combined with a diesel engine.