Featuring Authors Don Bunn & Paul McLaughlin

As we start the 21st century, PickupTruck.Com is proud to present an exclusive series you won't find anywhere else on the Internet: The Pickup Truck Chronicles - A History of the Pickup Truck in America.

Over the next 6 months we are going to bring you a new chapter each week until we have completely chronicled the history of the Big Three Auto Manufacturers (Chevy, Ford, and Dodge) and their role in producing the pickup truck.

PickupTruck.Com has teamed up with Don Bunn, the well known Dodge truck historian, and Paul McLaughlin, a Ford truck aficionado since the 1950s and popular Ford author. To learn more about Messrs. Bunn and McLaughlin click here.

We hope you enjoy this series as PickupTruck.Com makes every effort to supply our community with the material our members want to see.

1918-1928: Dodge Brothers Pickups
1929-1932: Early Chrysler Pickups
1933-1935: Glamour Pickups
1936-1938: Fore-Point Pickups
1939-1947: Job-Rated Pickups
1948-1953: B-Series Pickups
1954-1956: C-Series Pickups
1957-1960: Power Giant Pickups
1961-1971: Sweptline Pickups
1972-1980: Life Style Pickups Part 1
1981-1988: Life Style Pickups Part 2
1989-1993: Diesel Pickups
1994-1999: Ram Pickups
1940-1980: Power Wagon Pickups

1918-1928: Four Cylinder Pickups
1929-1936: Early Six Cylinder Pickups
1937-1940: First Modern Pickups
1941-1946: Art-Deco Pickups
1947-1954: Advanced Design Pickups
1955-1959: Early V8 Pickups
1960-1966: Fleetside Pickups
1967-1972: Glamour Pickups
1973-1980: Step-Side Pickups
1981-1987: Rebuilding Era Pickups
1988-1998: GMT-400 Pickups
1999-2000: GMT-800 Pickups
1959-1987: El Camino Pickups
1972-1984: LUV Pickups

1925-1927: The Model T Years
1928-1931: The Model A Years
1932-1936: The V8 Years
1937-1942: Economy and Pre War Years
1945-1947: The Same Old Stuff
1948-1952: The Birth of the F-Series
1953-1956: Golden Anniversary
1957-1960: Slab Sided Trucks
1961-1963: Unitized Body
1964-1966: Twin Beam Axles
1967-1972: Comeback of Slab Sided Designs
1973-1980: Ford Comes on Strong
1981-1987: F-Series Becomes Number 1
1988-1992: Increasing Market Share
1993-1995: Ford Lightning
1996-1997: A New F-Series
1998-2000: Splitting the F-Series


Books by the Authors

Don Bunn

Dodge Pickup Color History
(ISBN 0760301700)

Dodge Trucks
(ISBN 0760301182)

Encyclopedia of Chevrolet Trucks (Crestline Series)
ISBN: 076030565X

Paul McLaughlin

Ford Pickup Trucks
(Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
ISBN: 0760306311

Ford Pickup Trucks, 1948-56: Development History and Restoration Guide
ASIN: 0879382139

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