'V' configuration. OHV design with cross flow cylinder heads. Mulltipoint fuel injection. Engine Control Module, or Powertrain Control Module (with auto trans). Computer diagnostics.
91 octane petrol (ULP).
High energy, distributorless, ignition & triple coils.
Sequential fuel injection.
Breakerless high-energy electronic ignition system.
Grouped fuel injection.
'Hot wire' air mass metering.
Cold air intake.
High flow air cleaner.
Twin knock-control sensors. Two-speed cooling fan. Low friction technology. Cross-bolted main bearings
Bore x Stroke (mm): 97 x 86 102 x 77
Capacity (cc): 3791 4987
Compression ratio: 9.4:1 8.4:1
Power (DIN, kW): 147 @ 5200rpm 168 @ 4400rpm
Torque (DIN, Nm): 304 @ 3600rpm 395 @ 3600rpm
Gear ratios:
(:1) 5 speed man

1st: 3.83
2nd: 2.20
3rd: 1.40
4th: 1.00
5th: 0.81

1st: 3.55
2nd: 2.04
3rd: 1.40
4th: 1.00
5th: 0.76
4 speed auto 1st: 3.06
2nd: 1.63
3rd: 1.00
4th: 0.70
Drive: Rear. Ratio 3.08:1
Fuel economy
5 speed man

4 speed auto
City: 10.5

City: 11.5
City: 14.0

City: 15.0
Fuel tank (L): 63
Four wheel disc. Ventilated front disc & finned caliper.
Load sensing brake pressure proportioning valve
Anti-lock Braking System:
(Available on Ute 'S' package)
When wheel speed sensors & computer detect imminent lock-up, brake cylinder pressure is adjusted front and rear to prevent braking skid.
Front: MacPherson strut, incorporating wet sleeve shock absorbers. Direct acting stabiliser bar. Linear rate coil springs.
Rear: trailing arm with 5-link location. Panhard rod.
Progressive rate coil springs. Rubber auxiliary springs.
Stabiliser bar.
Variable ratio rack & pinion.
Variable power assist.
Track: (mm):
Front 1491 Rear 1478
Turning circle (m):
11.1 (kerb to kerb)
Wheelbase (mm):
Wheels & tyres
Ute: Steel wheels, 6.00 x 15 & P205/65 R15 95H tyres.
'S' Alloy wheels, 7.00 x 15 & P205/65 R15 95H tyres.
Weight (kg) Kerb mass (Est) 'S': 1361 'S': 1443
Gross Vehicle Mass 'S': 2122 'S': 2192
Payload 710 (Inc. driver, 2 pass.)
Dimensions (mm):

Height: 1510
Ground Clearance: 138

Width: 1520
Height: 470
Width at wheel arches: 1172
Area (m2): 3.26
Volume (m3): 1.27
Holden approved 1200kg & 1600kg towing
packages are available. See your Holden Dealer for details
(Towing capacity subject to State laws).
Service (km):
1500, 10,000 then every 10,000.
Holden Dealer "Tech 1"
computerised analysis available for
engine management system