A high quality, lightweight, affordable 3-Pump, all aluminum floor jack has made it's way to the world of auto racing. Emulating the style and performance of NASCAR Craftsman Series and Winston Cup Series jacks, the all new Litening Jack breaks the price barrier making this the first truly affordable professional jack for use on the track, at the shop or in your very own garage!

This lightweight, 34 pound all aluminum, 3-pump jack can withstand up to 3400 pounds, taking advantage of advanced construction geometry and a state-of-the-art hydraulic system.

This low profile jack is ideal for Stock Cars, Hot Rods, Shop Use, Drag Racing and Road Racing. Optional dirt wings are available. You no longer need to pay outlandish prices for the quality and convenience of a professional product you've always needed.

The Litening Jack has knurled 12 inch upper handle for easy grip, a 2-piece handle for easy packing and for working in close conditions, a knurled middle section for short handle uses. Further enhancing your grip is a knurled carrying area on the bottom 6 inches of handle. And just to make your new piece of equipment stand out in your garage, the Litening Jack features black side plates with a Mill Finished, silver colored lift mechanism, roller and wheels.