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The green came back out, and after only a couple of laps, another quick caution came out. This is when our Crew Chief shined… He made the call to stay out on the track, and it put us in third position with only a handful of laps remaining. Our tires were gone, but because we stayed out, we ended up finishing 7th… Not too bad considering how nothing much seemed to go right all day.

Every team has a leader, and frankly, I think Jerry Cook (my brother) deserves the credit for the excellent season we've had thus far. He is a brilliant tactician, an excellent motivator, but mostly, he has the guts to make the risky calls. Hail to the (crew) chief!

Some of the Battle Scars from the Half Mile Oval in Bakersfield Seen After the Race

Preparing for Martinsville

It's interesting that Bakersfield and Martinsville are back-to-back. Both are short half-milers, and both eat up brakes. But that's where the similarities end. We did learn a lot from Bakersfield, mostly in how we should put our brake package together. We've already ordered new wheels that have a heat-barrier coating, which will prevent the tire bead from melting. We will also add extra ventilation ducts going down to the rotors in hopes of keeping them cool as possible.

"When driving Martinsville, I'm going to have to keep a cool head, and let the truck come in."

Because Martinsville is flat, you have to drive a certain way. Jimmy Hensley has been a great help with tips on how to drive this track. Quite simply, he says "Patience, Patience, Patience". The funny thing is, I was going to be a Doctor when I grew up, but I didn't have the patience…

When driving Martinsville, I'm going to have to keep a cool head, and let the truck come in. There's absolutely no banking, so you go get off the brakes just before the corner, and let the truck roll. I've only raced Martinsville twice before. Both times I struggled. Why? Well, let's just say that I'm not a doctor.

See you in Martinsville!

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