Scott Harvey - coauthor

04/10/00 Volume Seven:
Race 5 -
Napa 250
Qualified 9th Finished 30th

A wise man once said "The climb to the top is never going to be easy". That man must have driven Martinsville.

Bakersfield was a good race for us. We overcame some adversity, and probably finished better than we should have. With that in mind, our trip back to Indianapolis was uneventful, and I can't tell you how good it was to finally sleep in my own bed. After two weeks on the road, the mail had piled up on the doorstep, and I needed a quick breather.

The NASCAR schedule called for the trucks to go through technical inspection on Thursday, so I flew in to Martinsville late Wednesday night. Tech inspection went smoothly (as always) and it was time to hit the track. I know I've said it before, but Jerry assured me we'd have a fast truck right off the hauler. Once again, he was right.

"I can't tell you how good it was to finally sleep in my own bed. After two weeks on the road, the mail had piled up on the doorstep..."

After tech inspection, NASCAR asked the truck teams to move their haulers outside of the infield area. Martinsville is NASCAR's smallest track, and there was not enough room for the Winston Cup and the NCTS haulers to be sharing the same infield. So once the infield was freed up a bit, it was time for practice.

The weather was great, and the truck was running very well. We were very consistent in practice, and we ended up clocking the 6th fastest overall practice time. It seemed that we hit the setup right, and I felt confident that we were in for a good race. The only thing that seemed to worry us was the weather.

Bets started circulating amongst team members on when the rain was going to start. My prediction was somewhere between 1:15 and 1:30 Saturday afternoon. As luck had it, the first drops fell at 1:30pm and fifteen seconds. All I needed was fifteen more seconds, and I would have had it right. I seemed to have come up a little short.

During the rain delay, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the ESPN crew. We were asked about our early success thus far this season, and whether or not having your brother as a crew chief had anything to do with it. My response was simple. My brother and I are each other's biggest cheerleaders. We think alike, and the communication between us is excellent. Along with having a great sponsor like PickupTruck.Com, our team is as solid as ever, and we are looking forward to our best season yet.

The two-day rain delay ended up being a friend. Our pit crew spent all day Sunday practicing pit stops, vowing NOT to repeat their performance from the previous week. Their hard work would end up being very helpful come race time. When Monday rolled around, the weather was clear, and the track was ready. It was time to go racing.

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Napa 250
Race Results

Pos Name Team
1 Bobby Hamilton DANA
2 Mike Wallace Team ASE
3 Jack Sprague GMAC Fin.
4 Dennis Setzer Mopar
5 Steve Grissom Dodge
6 Joe Ruttman DANA
7 Randy Tolsma Supergard
Motor Oil
8 Bryan Reffner Johns
9 Scott
Long Brothers
10 Jimmy Hensley Team
11 Andy Houston CAT
Rental Stores
12 Ken Schrader Federated
Auto Parts
13 Randy Renfrow Farris
14 Greg
15 Rick Crawford Milwaukee
Elec. Tools
16 B.A.
17 Lance Norick Aventis
19 Marty Houston Spears
20 David
21 Rob Morgan Acxiom
22 Carlos Contreras Hot
23 Kurt
24 John
25 Conrad Burr Rosenblum
27 Brian Sockwell Team
28 Lance Hooper Economy
29 Ryan McGlynn Buyer's Choice
/ Howes Lubr.
30 Terry
31 Kenny Martin Premiere
Truck Parts
32 Randy Mac
3M / World
33 Rick
Carlin Burners
& Controls
34 Bobby
36 Mike
Royal Crown

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