1999 North American International Auto Show

Wednesday, January 06, 7:00am PST

Automobile Magazine Announces GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado as Co-Automobile All-Stars for Best Pickup Truck.

Automobile Magazine's All-Stars: Best Pickup Truck

Richard Scheidt, Silverado Brand Manager, congratulates Jim Kornas, Sierra Brand Manager, on their tie victory as 1999 Automobile All-Star Award Winners for Best Pickup Truck.
Tuesday, January 05, 1:30pm PST

Nissan Debuts Concept Sport Utility Truck

Tuesday, January 05, 1:30pm PST

Linconln Blackwood Concept Truck Shows Up in Detroit

The Lincoln Blackwood was introduced to the Detroit Press after recently debuting in Los Angeles late last week.  While still considered a concept, Lincoln is gathering press and consumer reaction to decide if it should enter production.   Expect a price around $50,000 plus to help pay for its stainless steel bed and wood lined rear exterior.

Linconln Blackwood

Tuesday, January 05, 10:00am PST

More information and photos of Ford's Sport Utility / Pickup Crossovers...

Tuesday, January 05 7:00am PST

Images of the Ford Explorer Sport Trac Utility Truck

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Ford Explorer Sport Trac

A cross between a Ford Ranger and Explorer, the Sport Trac demonstrates how close Ford is to production of Sport Utility Trucks in the United States.  Aimed specifically at active people in the Gen X set, expect prodcution some time next year.

Toyota Tundra Makes Detroit Debut

Toyota Tundra

Made in America and built to compete against Ford, GM, GMC, and Dodge full size trucks.  The Tundra is armed with a 4.7 liter double overhead cam 32 valve V8 that puts out 245 HP.  It is one of the first vehicles in the segment to meet EPA low-emission standards. Toyota Tundra

Monday, January 04 12:00am PST

After a huge odyssey PickupTruck.Com beats MidWestern weather to arrive in Detroit.   We are looking forward to providing the latest in pickuptruck news from the 99 North American International Auto Show.

Monday, January 04 5:22am PST

Jeep Grand Cherokee takes North American Truck of the Year: GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado runner ups

The Jeep Grand Cherokee won the award to the '99 North American Truck of the Year in an interesting race.  Receiving 300 points, compared to 285 points for the Silverado and 151 Points for the Sierra, the Jeep apparently won because of a case of sibling rivalry and a very tough decision for the judges.

The North American Truck of the Year Award is given by an independent jury of 48 journalists who cover the auto industry for daily newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and the Internet.

Monday January 04 8:00am PST

Caught: Ferdinand Piech checks out pickups at the show.  Is Volkswagen going to jump into the pickup truck segment?

Ferdinand Piech (below), chairman of Volkswagen AG, was seen checking out the Dodge Power Wagon Concept Truck and Chevrolet Silverado displays very closely.   Fresh from his victory with the Volkswagen Beetle as the North American Car of the Year, does Ferdinand want to add the Truck Title to his belt in the future?

PiechSilver.jpg (42273 bytes)

Monday January 04 9:00am PST

Check out this in-depth coverage of the Dodge Power Wagon Concept Truck.

Monday January 04 1:00pm PST

Dodge unveils Dakota Crew Cab to compete against Nissan Frontier and Future Ford Ranger.

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