Chevrolet Avalanche (continued)

The Convert-A-Cab System is at the heart of the Avalanche's innovative solution to hauling passengers and cargo.

The Avalanche can be quickly and flexibly configured for many different scenarios thanks to its unique Midgate design.

The Midgate is similar in appearance and function to a tailgate, separating the second-row seats from the 5'3" cargo bed. This system also allows for the rear window to be removed for open-air cruising and for taller cargo. The removable rear window design was borrowed from the 1968 Chevrolet Corvette and once removed it can be easily stowed on board. When the window is stowed passengers can cruise without the levels of noise normally associated with a convertible passenger car.

Placing the Midgate in the down position allows owners to transport 4'x8' sheets of building material with the tailgate closed and their cargo safely secured.

A three-piece cargo cover is an important part of the Convert-A-Cab System and helps convert the back end of the Avalanche in a variety of configurations. The cover is made of exceptionally durable PRO-TEC material and can also be easily stowed on board. The cargo cover is extremely durable and very lightweight, making quick removal simple for one person.

The Avalanche Cargo Box was designed to provide all the load carrying and abuse of a normal pickup truck plus the addition of security and configurability. Made of PRO-TEC composite material and steel, it resists marring and protects items inside the vehicle.

In the top of the bed are two top-box integrated storage lockers with 5 cubic feet of space. The lockers are watertight and lighted and perfect for stowing camping or emergency equipment.

For ease of access to the bed Chevrolet has 'carved' out two footholds in the rear bumpers on the far right and left sides.

The interior of the truck was designed in partnership with the NorthFace, an outdoor outfitter known for their rugged lines of clothing. The NorthFace lined the floor and seats with rubber and waterproof fabric for easy cleaning and resistance to wear and tear. The floor of the truck is actually modeled after the sole pattern of a set of NorthFace boots. Two backpacks are included and attach behind the front seats for outdoor excursions.

Recognize the dash? It looks like GMC's and Lear's research efforts from the Sierra Professional Concept paid off. This dash console with LCD should be optional in the production Avalanche.

The rear seats in the Avalanche fold forward to provide access to the Midgate™

With one hand the Midgate™ can be folded forward increasing bed length from just over 5 feet to 8 feet.

The dash of the Avalanche includes an LCD that Chevrolet will be providing more information about as the automotive show season progresses. We imagine it will have much of the same functionality found in the GMC Sierra Professional Concept first shown at the 1999 SEMA show.

The Avalanche is powered by GM's Vortec 5300 V-8 with the Coolant Loss Protection System to help ensure the engine is not damaged when coolant is lost. A large fuel tank provides over 500 miles of range. The transmission is a four speed automatic with Autotrac four wheel drive.