Buick LaCrosse Sedan Pickup Concept

Buick’s concept LaCrosse is an innovative, graceful and stylish luxury sedan with surprising versatility—it’s quickly converted to a carrier of oversized cargo when panels open to reveal its pickup-type bed. This five-passenger sedan combines

luxury and comfort with an elegant exterior design that immediately says Buick with its "sweepspear" side profile, vertical-bar grille, "portholes" and cross-car rear lighting.

LaCrosse’s most notable feature is its ability to be quickly transformed—with a single voice command—from a luxury car to a light cargo carrier with an open bed. The tailgate electronically slides downward and under the vehicle, and the rear window and rear portion of the roof slide forward to reveal the cargo area. During this operation, the front section of roof moves slightly downward to accommodate the sliding panels. LaCrosse’s four doors are power-operated and hinged at the front and rear pillars, opening at the center pillar for easy access.

Buick reintroduces V8 power in this concept car with a prototype 4.2-liter, 32-valve dual overhead cam engine with an electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission.