Dodge MAXXcab Concept

Another entry into the four door sport utility pickup truck wars, the Dodge MAXXcab is what DaimlerChrysler calls a "Passenger Priority Truck".

Utilizing design cues from the DaimlerChrysler passenger car lineup, the MAXXcab has integrated cab forward styling into a pickup truck body. This gives the MAXXcab very sedan-like handling and ride and an altogether different appearance than any other truck on the road.

Like the Ford SuperCrew and Chevrolet Avalanche the MAXXcab also has a shortened bed for cargo, but the MAXXcab has been built on a modified Dakota chassis.

The bed measures 52.7" long by 56.7" wide by 24" deep - this is both wider and deeper than today's full size truck boxes. Interestingly, while Ford and GM appear to be pursuing and implementing composite bed technology, the MAXXcab's bed is made from standard steel.

Designed around the family, the interior of the MAXXcab has three minivan-style, built-in child safety seats to accommodate small children.

When we first saw this picture we admit that we weren't thrilled - it looked like a minivan pickup...

...but the MAXXcab Concept seen in person is quite a different looking truck than we expected to see. While its dimensions are somewhat unusual compared to the Ford SuperCrew or Chevrolet Avalanche, its profile creates a uniquely identifiable truck. Call it Dodge Different.

The Dodge MAXXcab is powered by Dodge's 4.7-liter Next Generation Magnum V-8 engine coupled to a multi-speed electronic automatic transmission. The MAXXcab can do 0-60 in 7.7 seconds.

The interior is well laid out in the cockpit area. A "Kid-cocoon" allows parents to control the middle rear seat and move it forward independent of the other rear seating. A small overhead "kid-view" camera also monitors the rear cabin.

Also added is an "edu-tainment" system with DVD player, Internet access and a handheld sketch pad. The driver's "Infotronic" system accommodates all data and information needs while away from the office. The center console houses a toaster-style pop-up "plug-and-play" laptop computer with LCD in the instrument panel and in the rear of the console itself.

A voice recognition system allows the driver to access the mobile office screens and the Internet for real-time weather updates, traffic information and e-mail. Voice commands also control the MAXXcab's navigation and diagnostics systems and telephone.

Dodge has chosen to power the MAXXcab with its next generation 4.7-liter Magnum V-8 coupled to a multi-speed electronic automatic transmission. The truck can do 0-60 mph in 7.7 seconds and has a top speed of 115 mph.

If its well received, the MAXXcab may set the tone for a whole new line of vehicles from DaimlerChrysler.