GMC Terradyne Concept Work Truck

The GMC Terradyne concept cuts a distinctive wedge-shaped profile that sets it apart from every other truck concept shown at this year's NAIAS. PUTC met with some of the people responsible for designing this vehicle to get an up close and in-depth look at the forces used to render this versatile work truck.

Duane Paige, GMC Portfolio Manager, calls the Terradyne, "A fresh opportunity to go beyond today's truck." With its industrial design the Terradyne is the first step for GMC to begin distinctively standing apart from the rest of the GM lineup - and the competition. The Terradyne actually builds on the concepts and innovations first developed and tested in the GMC Sierra Professional work truck concept.

It's 'all-work' billet cut exterior was designed by GMC design manager Carl Zipfel. Zipfel successfully strove to reflect the Terradyne's power and strength in its edgy form. Up front the grill of the truck actually extends into the headlights where it become part of the high intensity halogen bulbs. Essentially the same length as a short box extended cab truck, the Terradyne appears much longer in person because the far forward movement of its cab allowed the design team to add move space to the cabin and remove of the B-pillar. It's high stance also gives the truck an impressive profile.

The Terradyne's precision crafted interior, designed by John Puskar, continues the all-business impression. Materials such as leather, stainless steel and reinforced composites carry on GMC's tradition of tough, work capable trucks.

The addition of mobile office features such as console mounted laptop and GPS make the interior a source of critical information to the driver. A rear view video monitoring system mounted in the tailgate below the lift handle links to a 5.3-inch LCD display up front. This helps the driver maneuver when backing the truck up. Power extendable rear view mirror controls also enhance rearward visibility. If rear visibility is reduced, such as when towing a long or wide trailer, the press of a button telescopes these mirrors up to six inches outward. When they are not needed the same button retracts the mirrors creating more side clearance for parking in narrow spaces or entering a garage.

Powered by the new 6.6-liter V8 intercooled turbo-diesel Duramax 6600 engine, the Terradyne sets new standards for diesel power, performance, durability and

quiet operation. The Allison 1000 Series TM 5-speed automatic transmission features normal and tow/haul modes of operation, and adds engine-grade braking power take-off capabilities.

The 6-foot cargo box can be power extended to 8 feet when more cargo room is needed. In the sides of the bed is a Side Storage System with powered access doors to make use of previously unavailable space in the cargo box by creating two enclosed, lockable storage areas in the outer rear side panels. The inside of the box remains the same size - still able to carry four-foot wide loads.

PUTC readers were invited to submit questions on the discussion board which we took to GMC at the 2000 NAIAS.

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