GMC Terradyne Concept

PUTC Reader Questions:

PUTC: What type of suspension does it have? Is the front IFS, or does it have a solid axle?

Duane Paige, GMC Portfolio Manager: The Terradyne has an Independent Front Suspension.

PUTC: Will this truck share its platform with the new HD trucks?

DP: The Terradyne's platform is based on today's full size GM trucks, (the same used in the Heavy Duty's).

The frame has three pieces:

a hydroformed box structure up front, a roll formed center section manufactured in a 'C-shape' for weight savings and enhanced rigidity, and a stamped rear for carrying heavy loads. The center section is easily lengthened or shortened according to the truck's requirements during manufacture.

PUTC: Will the sliding doors ever be available on a production model?

DP: It's possible that the "Gliding Doors" will be available on a future GMC. The addition of gliding doors will be based on the response GMC receives from the public. Gliding doors are actually more ergonomic compared to the traditional sliding doors you might find on a minivan.

PUTC: How long is the Terradyne?

DP: The Terradyne is about the same length as a full size extended cab (225 inches). By moving the cab forward on the truck additional room was added for passengers. The Terradyne actually has more room on the interior than a traditional full size crew cab.

PUTC: Will the Terradyne appear at other auto shows such as Philadelphia?

DP: We are not yet sure which auto shows the Terradyne will be appearing at.