2005 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab - Taco Supreme!
By: Michael LevineFirst Posted: 03-08-04 21:50Updated: 03-14-04 21:45
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OK, after some intense debate on the forums and tons of reader analysis (yep, read all your e-mails), the truck in these spy shots is most likely the 2005 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab and not an early look at the next Tundra.

After Toyota's debut of the next-gen Tacoma X-Runner last month in Chicago, it's strange to see the D-Cab version still so wrapped up. The thing that threw almost everyone off, including myself, is the truck's large size. In photos it appears as large as a current Tundra, if not larger.

PUTC forums member TR1100 nailed it when he called this truck "Taco Supreme".

Other Tacoma hints:

The wheels appear to be nearly identical to those found on the 2004 Toyota 4Runner SUV. In the photograph above you can see the resemblance - 2 concentrically etched rings slice through the middle of the 5 spoke aluminum wheels on the disguised pickup just like those on the 4Runner.

The next sign can be found in the grille with what looks to be an oval dead center. We're pretty sure this isn't an updated Ford Explorer Sport Trac and Toyota is the only other manufacturer with an oval logo that sells pickups.

Toyota's US headquarters can be found in Torrance, California helping explain why the truck would be enjoying the warm weather of SoCal.

So that's the evidence. It will be up to you to decide for sure whether the photos and our analysis do indeed point to the 2005 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab. Until then, keep your camera in your trucks and your eyes peeled for camouflaged pickups!

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