Ed Peper Says There's Room To Grow Below Colorado
By: Mike Levine Posted: 01-09-08 00:47 PT
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Chevrolet General Manager Ed Peper stopped by the monthly Motor Press Guild Meeting in Los Angeles on January 8th. Mr. Peper spoke to the gathered group of automotive journalists and PR reps about Chevrolet's broad portfolio of fuel efficiency initiatives, the brand's sales performance in 2007, hybrid trucks, and the new Malibu.

But lost among all the bow tie products mentioned in Mr. Peper's presentation was the Chevrolet Colorado.

Colorado's sales numbers were down 19.3% in 2007, from 2006, to 75,716 truck sold. It's an even steeper drop compared to the final year's sales figures for the smaller Chevy S-10 the Colorado replaced in 2004. That year the S-10 sold 136,573 pickups.

I asked Mr. Peper if he thought there was an opportunity for a truly compact pickup, smaller than the Colorado and similar to Toyota's A-BAT concept headed to Detroit for the 2008 North American International Auto Show.

Mr. Peper agreed, at least in principle, with Toyota's thinking.

"Yes, I think there's room for a compact and very fuel efficient pickup. I think there's an opportunity there," said Mr. Peper.

What could that mean for Colorado? Who knows. But if Chevrolet decides to build a truck below the Colorado, I recommend they call it the New Mexico.

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