Man Buys New Dodge Ram with Loose Change
By: Mike Levine Posted: 12-23-07 13:11 PT
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Paul Brant has been very patient saving for a new Dodge Ram pickup. 13 years after buying a 1994 Dodge Ram, Mr. Brant finally saved enough coin (literally) for a brand new 2008 model.

On Friday, seventy year old Mr. Brant waked into Mike Raisor Chrysler Dodge and Jeep in Lafayette, Indiana with sheriff's deputies and about $26,000 in rolled coins to buy his new Dodge Ram 1500 4x4.

Mr. Brant was quoted in the Lafayette Journal and Courier as saying, "(The old truck) didn't have four-wheel drive, and living in the country, I figured I better get a new one to help get me through the snow."

Mr. Brant said he was raised to be thrifty. His father always paid in cash and saved up loose change to take vacations. He estimates that $200 in quarters weighs about nine-pounds and his purchase weighed more than 1,000-pounds. It took half a day to collect and load the change into an armored car, used to transport the money to the Dodge dealer.

Mr. Brant also used coins to buy his old Dodge pickup, and a Dodge Neon, in 1994.

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