Latest Chevrolet Colorado Information
By: Michael LevinePosted: 07-07-02 22:00

As more information is received from GM and other sources, a better picture of the 2004 Chevrolet Colorado is starting to appear.

In early May Chevrolet released an official rendering of the upcoming midsize replacement for the S-10 pickup. And now, reflecting just how accurate that drawing was, a set of unauthorized photos recently appeared in the community forums clearly showing the aggressively styled front end clip and wheel flares, a view of the tailgate and a Z71 off-road decal for the 4x4 version of the Colorado. Yes, the ZR2 package is still expected to be offered for serious off-roaders.

Rumors have also been swirling with regards to how close the Colorado, known internally at General Motors as GMT-355, and it's co-engineered twin the Isuzu D-Max Rodeo are to each other.

Both pickups are part of a joint-development program between General Motors North America and Isuzu Motors Limited of Japan. While the Chevrolet and Isuzu pickups share basic vehicle architecture, each vehicle is specifically designed, engineered and validated to meet the unique requirements of its respective market.

The D-Max has been engineered for commercial use in
Japan, Asia and Latin America and will not be imported to the USA and Canada, while Chevrolet's Colorado is engineered to meet the unique needs of North America as a midsize pickup for personal and light utility use.

Several significant differences between the Isuzu and Chevrolet
versions include:

Powertrains: The Colorado is expected to debut with engines from GM's Atlas family, including inline five (Vortec 3500) and four cylinder (Vortec 2800) motors. The D-Max offers 3.0-liter (120hp / 180 ft-lbs) and 2.5-liter (77hp / 130 ft-lbs) OHV inline four cylinder direct injection turbo diesel powerplants.
Wheelbases and other major dimensions
Cab configurations: The Colorado is expected to debut with three cab styles - regular, extended and crew cabs - while the D-Max is currently offering only standard and extended options.
Interiors: Both trucks have extremely different interiors. The D-Max is available with right or left hand drive.
Most exterior panels

We expect the Chevrolet Colorado to make its worldwide debut in January during the North American International Auto Show.