Will Ford Badge the Rumored Raptor as an SVT Model?
By: Mike Levine Posted: 04-08-08 12:01 PT
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Update #1: 04-09-08 16:49 PT

The Raptor is unofficially official.

Ford's 2008 Dealer Show is happening right now in Las Vegas, Nevada and dealer sources attending the event are revealing what they've seen and heard about the 'Raptor'. From what it sounds like, the Raptor won't be an urban legend for much longer but cold, hard desert busting fact.

With new Ford Marketing chief Jim Farley officially doing the honors (he was described as "giddy" while introducing it), video of a Raptor mule was shown bombing across the desert at high speeds.

A picture of the production grille was shown, with the word "FORD" prominently stamped into its black mesh. The anticipated BOSS engine was quoted as being rated at 380-horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. Both Sean Holman at Four Wheeler and I think the numbers are purposely on the low side. We're estimating around 420-horses, based on the expected engine's 6.2-liter displacement.

One of the Raptor's long-travel shocks was held up to the dealers. It was confirmed as sourced from Fox Racing and specially built for the Raptor program. It looked similar to Fox's 2.0 Piggy Back reservoir shocks. They'll have 4-inches more travel (50% more) than the 8-inch shocks found on Ford's off-road FX-4 trim package.

Ford isn't holding back bragging about the truck, firing up dealers by calling it, "The first and only Baja 1000 Trophy Truck you'll be able to buy from a dealer." They also say they are, "going to drive this (and other vehicles shown to Ford dealers) right up Toyota's a**."

This is shaping up to be one killer truck.

While we've had our off-road attention recently drawn to Hummer's new 2009 H3T rock crawler, our good buddy Sean Holman at Four Wheeler Magazine is putting the spotlight back on the rumored 'Raptor' F-150 desert runner.

The latest intel from Dearborn suggests that Ford is going to badge the Raptor as an official SVT (Special Vehicles Team) product.

An SVT label hasn't been explicitly used on a Blue Oval car or truck since Ford's legendary performance guru John Coletti retired in 2004, though SVT engineers played critical roles developing recent cars like the Ford GT, Mustang GT500 and Mustang GT500 King of the Road.

Ford truck enthusiasts know the SVT badge from its endorsement of the discontinued SVT Lightning F-150 (1993 to 2003). When the 2004 to 2008 F-150 debuted at the Detroit Auto Show it was accompanied by a supercharged SVT Lightning Concept that never materialized.

If Ford is looking to resurrect the SVT prefix, attaching it to the new 2009 F-150 would signify how serious they are about producing a no-holds-barred performance truck, whether it's for on or off the road.

Read on to find out the latest about the Raptor F-150 at Four Wheeler.

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