If Acura Gets a V8, What About Honda? And If Honda Gets a V8, What About the Ridgeline?
By: Sam Abuelsamid Posted: 03-23-08 23:10 PT
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With Edmunds reporting a new 400+hp V8 is destined for the Acura RL, we spoke to Acura spokesman Mike Spencer at the 2008 New York Auto Show about the impact an eight cylinder engine might have elsewhere in the company.

Spencer was reluctant to talk in much detail about potential future products that have yet to be publicly announced. When the subject of the V8 engine was broached, Spencer coyly asked when it was coming. He did acknowledge that Acura would like to have a car above the RL to compete with other luxury brands, like Lexus and BMW, and an eight cylinder engine would be a good fit. When asked to speculate on whether such an engine might migrate over to the Honda side of the family, for vehicles such as the Ridgeline pickup, Spencer politely declined.

Honda spokesman Chuck Schifsky was equally non-committal but he did speak at more length about some of the issues surrounding such a prospective powerplant. Schifsky said Honda is evaluating a number of options for future vehicles, including both Acura and Honda models. Acura has previously announced that its upcoming sports car would have a V10 engine. With the RL having a V6 it would be easy to slide a V8 into the lineup. 

However, the RL just underwent a major refresh that debuted at last month's Chicago Auto Show. Another rework of the RL is at least three years away and there are no currently announced plans for a larger Acura model. With gas prices on the rise, by the time a new car or engine was ready for market, a larger more powerful engine might not make sense. Honda has already spoken previously about a diesel V6 for models such as the Ridgeline, Pilot and Odyssey. With the success of the Acura RDX with a turbocharged four cylinder engine, a similar possibility exists for other larger vehicles.

Schifsky emphasized that Honda is evaluating all its options and no decisions have been made at this point. The direction of the market and fuel prices will definitely influence what they ultimately do. However diesels and smaller displacement turbocharged gas engines seem a more likely scenario for the Ridgeline than a V8.

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