Lincoln Blackwood - More Black Clouds has learned of two new developments in the oft delayed Lincoln Blackwood, one of which may compromise the upscale image of this luxury pickup.

The first black cloud hanging over the Blackwood's head is another reported delay in production because of supplier problems. Originally expected to be on sale by the fall of 2000, then delayed until the first quarter of 2001, it now appears Blackwood cutomers may not take delivery until the second quarter of 2001. The production delay gives General Motors an opportunity to come to market with its Cadillac Everest - a four-door luxury pickup truck competitor to the Blackwood based on the Chevrolet Avalanche. The Everest is rumored to debut in the second half of 2001.

The second, and more stormy cloud, hangs right over the Blackwood's upscale image. A credible source has informed that the dense, African wenge wood wrapping the Blackwood's rear quarters will be replaced by a cheaper, simulated wenge wood grain applied over plastic. The authentic wenge wood proved too difficult to work with in covering the Blackwood's six plus square meters of rear surface. The question remains, will customers step up and pay over $50,000 for a vehicle with simulated wood surfaces on its exterior?

The interior of the Blackwood is still expected to closely resemble that of the show truck.


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