Heavy Duty Pickups Most Popular Vehicles For Men
By: Mike Levine Posted: 11-27-07 18:03 PT
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ForbesAutos.com has just published a story on the most popular vehicles for men and women, based on a study by automotive consultancy and research firm AutoPacific.

Not surprisingly, trucks came out on top as the most popular vehicles bought by men.

Forbes cites the Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 Heavy Dutys and Ford F-350 Super Duty pickups as having the highest overall male ownership - 93% for both trucks. Overall, about 90% of three-quarter-ton and one-ton HD pickups are purchased by men.

In the light duty segment, the Nissan Titan is 91% owned by men. And for combined light and heavy duty models, the Dodge Ram has 89% male ownership.

AutoPacific conducts its annual market survey of new car and light truck buyers. One of the questions asked is which sex bought which vehicle. We're expecting our own copy of the survey results from AutoPacific later this week, and we'll update the story then with additional male/female breakdowns for truck makes and models.

Oh yeah, women prefer Volkswagen's New Beetle most, at 65% ownership. It's available in colors like 'Gecko Green' and 'Sunflower Yellow'.

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