Happy Hammaka: Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Sport Chairs
By: Mike Levine Posted: 12-04-07 23:51 PT
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What - did you think we were going to let Ray Wert and the tribe at Jalopnik have dibs on all the cool hitch accessories this holiday season?

To celebrate the first night of Hanukkah, here's a great gift for your truck driving friends or loved ones that's sure to cement that special bond you share with them. It's Hammaka's Trailer Hitch Stand and Sport Chairs.

According to Hammaka's website, "the Trailer Hitch Stand attaches to any standard-size trailer hitch receiver, blending comfortable freedom with high-quality, durable construction. The patent-pending, exclusive Hammaka design provides the rare opportunity to be as comfortable on-the-go as you are at home."

The Trailer Hitch Stand works with any hanging chair but it's specially designed to work with Hammaka's standard and Sport Chairs.

Standard chairs come in a variety of colors while Sport Chairs are imprinted with your favorite university's logo, like Michigan or Penn State. They're perfect for kicking it after you've unhitched your Freedom Grill at the pre-game tailgate. Just don't eat too many latkes - they only support up to 250-lbs each.

Hammaka sells the Trailer Hitch Stand alone for $129.99 or with two Sport Chairs included for $299.99. You can find out more on their website.

What, no Yeshiva University Sport Chairs? I tell ya...

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