Truck Trend Rethinks Scion Hako Concept To Create Okah Pickup. It's Brilliant!
By: Mike Levine Posted: 03-24-08 00:40 PT
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Thomas Voehringer at Truck Trend has reverse engineered (ok, reverse rendered) Scion's goofy looking Hako Coup Concept to create a brilliant new take on cab-over-engine pickup design. Voehringer calls its the Okah truck.

Traditional truck buyers would hate it, but this isn't a pickup for them. The Okah is a hipster hauler. The perfect fit for Toyota's quirky youth brand.

We've been hearing from sources for over a year that a pickup has been in the works. What would make the Okah such a great fit at Scion is its retro COE styling with a small bed for lugging personal items, like Ikea furniture, several cases of soda pop, or laundry.

Voehringer says the Okah could come as a crew cab with an abbreviated bed or as a regular cab with a longer cargo box for improved utility. I'd also imagine it as front-wheel-drive with a low load floor in back and an independent rear suspension. It's a bit similar to Suzuki's X-Head Concept from the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Click on the link to Truck Trend to see the full rendering. Scion, I hope you're reading!

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