Navistar Quietly Kills Giant CXT, MXT and RXT Consumer and Commercial Pickups
By: Mike Levine Posted: 09-26-08 09:51 PT
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Our colleagues at KickingTires are reporting that International has quietly pulled the plug on its XT line of giant consumer and commercial pickups. The CXT, MXT and RXT trucks have already been removed from International's website.

The XT trucks were some of the largest haulers in the full-size segment, with price tags to match. They cost from $70,000 to $135,000.

The MXT was a five-passenger 4x4 with a 300-horsepower V-8 diesel engine and five-speed automatic transmission. It could tow 8 tons and haul up to 2 tons.

The CXT started out as a standard International Class 7 chassis cab, upfitted with an 8-foot dual-rear-wheel cargo box. Its standard 220-hp six-cylinder diesel engine could pull up to 10 tons.

International reported the CXT's fuel economy at 8 to 10 mpg, with a cruising range of up to 700 miles thanks to its 70-gallon fuel tank. Top speed was limited to 84 mph.

The RXT was a smaller, stylish, two-wheel-drive version of the CXT. It was 8-feet tall, 228feet long and weighed just over five tons.

International will continue to sell versions of the trucks to the military.

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