Japanese Daily Reports Navistar to Supply Nissan with Diesel Engine for Titan by 2009
By: Mike LevinePosted: 06-15-07 07:36 PT
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Update #1: 06-15-07 08:20 PT

Nissan spokesperson John Schilling tells PickupTruck.com, "We haven't announced anything about a diesel engine for the Titan. This news is speculation at this point, but we are continuing to study this technology for potential future use. The only vehicle we've said that will have a diesel engine is the Maxima in 2010."

Japanese industrial newspaper Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (The Business & Technology Daily News) is reporting that Nissan has signed a deal with Navistar International Corporation to supply diesel engines for the half-ton Titan by 2009.

Today the Titan is only available with a standard 5.6-liter 317-hp / 385 lb-ft V8 gas engine.

The Titan has recently been challenged by falling sales, as personal use full size truck buyers have fled the segment due to rising gas prices and interest rates. So Nissan added two new long wheelbase models to its 2008 model line to broaden the Titan's appeal to commercial truck buyers, like farmers and building contractors. A heavy duty version was recently suspended, though, as the OEM seeks to add market share further in the light duty segment first.

Navistar is well known for supplying Power Stroke diesel engines to Ford Motor Company for use in Ford's Super Duty line of heavy duty pickups. However, the two companies have been in court lately battling over warranty obligations, price increases, and potential contract breaches - with Navistar accusing Ford of planning to build and sell its own half-ton diesel engine for the F-150 light duty pickup.

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