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Russ Parker:

"We spent hours talking about many of the things we all discuss right here with the engineers who actually design the trucks. They are listening and I can tell you from what I saw on the new one that many of you are going to have a lot of your wishes granted on these new models. We were taken for a spin around a little course they set up at the Dearborn proving ground. The truck hauls ass and turns hard!"

"We also got to have our heads pressed up against the side of a New lincoln LS8 for a few laps around the track. I was lucky enough to ride shotgun and when I could hold my head upright I could manage to peek at the speedo. I still cannot believe that a four door lincoln ate the track like that. These were some pretty serious turns and that thing rolled em and smoked em! 4 frickin doors, leather seats, and all those assorted yuppie doo-dads."

"I thought that we might be asked to sit on some of the info that we saw and some of the things we heard about I was specifically told, and I quote: "No, you guys can say anything you want" So here it is: Just wait till you guys get a load of the new Kenny Bernstein edition ranger! Blown and injected 9.7L big block, 5 speed with an electronic clutch, fully tubbed with a 4-link narrowed dana 60 in the back, 4 wheel disc brakes, wheelies bars, parachute, and it even comes with air conditioning standard! It'll have a sticker price of under 12 grand and they said it would be available sometime after hell freezes over. They are a very limited production (only making somewhere around 0 units) so you better get to your dealer now and place an advanced order!"


Roundtable Attendees
Robert Fox:
FordRanger.com Sysadmin

Russ Parker:
2.3L Admin FordRanger.com

Malcolm Strydom:
V8 Admin FordRanger.com & geocities.com/fivoranger

Jim Karnes:

Allan DeGroot:
A Ranger Enthusiast and a very experienced mechanic

Mike Donofrio:
A Ranger Enthusiast, his post on FordRanger.com caught the head Engineer for the Ford Ranger's eye which lead to all of this

Terry Lee:
A Ranger Enthusiast, He has owned Rangers since they first came out and still drives his 82 Ranger

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"I have to say though...After laying eyes on the new ranger, riding in a SOHC powered truck, seeing the 4 leaf rear springs (welcome upgrade from the old 3 leafers), and standing there just totally jonezin over the kickassed front end on that new truck, I am totally ruined. As of right now I feel like throwing a rock at my old ranger and I cannot wait until the new one is available! I would gladly bypass summer to get my hands on that bad boy."

"I don't know if I can describe this hood in any way to do it justice. If you can picture the 98-00 hood and pop the middle of it up about an inch and a half, like a cowl induction hood you'll have it. The truck really looks as though it already has an aftermarket hood on it. I don't know if it will be available on all the models but I was told it is called "Power Bubble". I may be going overboard about a cosmetic change on the truck while not talking about the many other improvements I noticed (I'll get to them... You know how my jaws flap) But that hood is really like a huge gift to many of us. I wish I would have thought to tell the engineers this while I was there but for those of us that customize our trucks heavily they just added an entire extra chapter to our book of tricks. This is probably the first production ranger hood that really lends itself to a custom paint scheme laid over your factory color. I sat through the whole plane ride home just picture different paint schemes that could be laid out on that thing."

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