Mike Rowe, Star of Discovery Channel's 'Dirty Jobs', Becomes F-150 Spokesperson
Source: Ford Motor Company Press ReleasePosted: 03-04-07 19:44 PT
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More Ford F-Series trucks have driven at least 250,000 miles than any other competitor. The Ford F-150 and F-Series Super Duty can out-tow and out-haul all of their domestic and imported competition. Now, Ford has a spokesperson who has tackled as many dirty jobs as its trucks: Mike Rowe, creator and star of the Discovery Channel’s hit show, “Dirty Jobs.”

Rowe will kick off the partnership by stamping his non-stop, jack-of-all-trades work ethic on a new series of Ford F-150 “Challenge” ads that match the truck’s best-in-class towing and payload capabilities against all top competitors. They debut on network and cable television this weekend.

Rowe revels in performing the most grueling jobs with the experts that perform the tasks daily. His dirty jobs have included underwater lumberjacking, road kill removal, bat cave cleaning and catfish noodling, or bare-handed fishing – the only job he seriously considered turning down. Currently in its third season, “Dirty Jobs” is one of Discovery’s top-rated programs and has highlighted more than 150 different jobs.

“Ford F-Series trucks are working America’s toughest job sites every day,” says Barry Engle, general manager, Ford Division Marketing. “Mike Rowe personifies ‘Built Ford Tough’ and showcases how millions of hard-working F-Series truck owners have helped build the country’s backbone.”

Ford and Rowe will get even dirtier with plans to take on more tough jobs directly with consumers as the partnership quickly expands. The team will continue to celebrate America’s hard-working underpinnings by showcasing the toughness and dependability of the country’s hardest workers. Ford trucks already co-star in many “Dirty Jobs” shows because of F-Series’ work site legacy.

“‘Dirty Jobs’ celebrates the people who do the kind of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us. It’s no coincidence that those people rely on Ford trucks to get the job done. I see it over and over again” says Rowe.

“I’ve wrenched my back hauling garbage, smashed my finger with a hammer, smashed my toe with a sledgehammer, cut my arm open on a rusty nail, burned my eyelashes off in a blacksmith's furnace, and became dehydrated twice. I appreciate the importance of tough in people, tools and trucks.”

Rowe built his “Dirty Jobs” resume by traveling the world to swim with sharks, uncover the mysteries of mummies and even take on what’s considered the world’s most dangerous job – Alaskan crab fishing – on Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.” He ultimately landed the new job by submitting to Discovery Channel producers a tape of his wildly popular feature stories from his “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” segment on the local San Francisco CBS station’s “Evening Magazine” program.

Rowe’s first job as the newest “Built Ford Tough” spokesperson is to highlight the Ford F-150’s towing and payload capabilities in two new spots titled “Boxed” and “Leaf Springs.” In “Boxed,” Rowe is at a campground. While the Ford F-150 easily tows an 11,000 pound trailer, it takes two trucks from the competition to pull the same load.

In the second spot, “Leaf Spring,” Rowe is at a landscape site helping a crew load massive amounts of landscaping material into the bed of the F-150. The new commercials begin airing on this weekend nationally. Rowe also will appear in print and digital ads.

Rowe joins Ford’s dream team of truck spokespeople and marketing alliances that creatively incorporate F-Series trucks to reach millions of consumers, including a large percentage of truck buyers, each weekend. Research shows that full-size pickup truck core customers are highly engaged in several specific lifestyles, including sports, country music, outdoors activities and do-it-yourself projects.

“Mike Rowe is a perfect fit for Ford trucks because he already goes to work with many F-Series owners on ‘Dirty Jobs’,” says Engle. “All Ford truck marketing efforts draw from the ‘Built Ford Tough’ DNA that is designed into all F-Series pickups, tested in the most rigorous conditions and proven in the real world day after day.”

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