Survey Shows Consumers Ready To Buy More Import Trucks
Source: SEMA Press ReleasePosted: 03-15-07 13:55 PT
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A recent survey conducted by Autobytel showed that interest in the Toyota Tundra is on the rise among customers planning a fullsize truck purchase—26% say that they will buy the new Tundra Crew Max. This number surpasses the 20% who intend to buy the Ford F-150, 19% planning to buy Chevy's Silverado or GMC's Sierra, and 5.5% of respondents who plan to buy the Dodge Ram.

According to Autobytel, reliability is the primary reason given for choosing Toyota over trucks from Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge. However, 39% of respondents said that they have "been and plan to remain loyal to a specific [domestic] Big-Three brand.” In contrast, only 12% said were loyal to an import brand while 21% were not loyal to any brand. The potential for import truck sales to grow is shown by the fact that 15% said that they are loyal to domestic trucks or brands but more open to imports for their next purchase.

Autobytel gathered this information from a survey posted on its website from late December to early February of this year. The company reported that, regardless of brand preference, nearly one out of three (32%) of the current truck owners said that they may not purchase one for their next vehicle.

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