Chevy’s SSR Introduces the New Signature Series
By: BJ KilleenPosted: 12-04-02 23:00
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It’s not who you are, but how much you have that will determine if you’re going to get one of the SSR’s new Signature Series trucks. Russ Clark, marketing director for Chevrolet, has been fending off special requests from bigwigs who are trying to get their hands on the first production SSR pickups. Even if you're Keith Crain, publisher of Automotive News and AutoWeek magazines, calling Russ Clark to ask for a low number VIN SSR isn’t going to work. He’ll have to wait like the rest of us for a chance to bid on one.

Chevy has announced that the first 25 vehicles off the production line, numbers 000001 through 000025 will be deemed the Signature Series, and will each possess a pedigree, that consists of special, personalized items that will be auctioned off with each vehicle.

The goals for the Signature Series are to create an innovative launch for this innovative vehicle through 1) the collectiblity of the vehicle that can never be duplicated; 2) leverage the star power of the vehicle, and make it a true halo vehicle for the entire Chevy brand; and 3) work in a charitable element for each product.

The shared content for each SS vehicle includes:
• Ultra Violet Purple paint
• Silver stitching
• Silver stitching on the black leather-wrapped steering wheel and seats
• Addition of the SSR logo on the VIN plate
• Signature Series badging on the tailgate
• Body-color engine cover with silver insert
• Auxiliary gauge package located on the floor console
• Floor mats from GM SPO accessories that include the SSR logo
• Cargo compartment trim with wood rub strips, lights and drop-down storage
• Inside badge with vehicle number and unique signatures

Each vehicle is marked for different purposes, and each vehicle, by the time it is auctioned off, will have its own, unique scrapbook that consists of memories from its own tour of duty.

VIN #000001: GM will retain The first vehicle for its historic vehicle collection. The signatures on the plate that’s attached to the rear console between the seats belong to Rick Wagoner, Bob Lutz, Gary Cowger and Wayne Cherry, the chief designer behind the SSR.

VIN #000002: This will be auctioned off on eBay in the Spring of 2003, with the money going to the SAE Foundation, which will raise the funds for Heinz C. Prechter for Automotive Excellence Scholarship. This vehicle will carry the four signatures above, plus one additional belonging to the head of ASC, the company partially responsible for the innovative power hardtop roof found on the SSR, and also the company of which the late Heinz Prechter was the founder.

VIN #000003 and 000004: These two will go to selected Chevrolet affiliated race car drivers, team owners and sanctioning body officials from NASCAR, IRL, and ALMS (American LeMans Series) to take for laps on racetracks nationwide, as well as for autograph sessions by the drivers and pre-race parades. This truck’s scrapbook might contain things like a driver’s race gloves, autographed programs, and even photos of driver’s with the truck.

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