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VIN #000005: This one will be hobnobbing with the celebs, as it will be placed with Hollywood stars and starlets, music industry folks, and sports heroes. Its scrapbook will contain all the memorabilia associated with the lifestyle, provided no one totals it during the loan!

VIN #000006 through #000010: Each of the four Chevy regions in the country will get an SSR, and commission an artist from each region to create an original work of art depicting the SSR in American culture, whether it has to do with geography, landmarks, or people. The vehicle and the artist will also appear at a special exhibition at the end of the program, and the original artwork will be sold along with the truck.

VIN #000011 and #000013: These will be on tour all next summer at up to five outdoor concerts around the country. The vehicle will be on display, and the scrapbook will include photos, signed memorabilia, and other goodies associated with the as-yet-named entertainers.

VIN #000014 through #000017: This will be a feature vehicle, and will go to the major media properties that will feature the SSR in publications, at events, or on TV shows for national exposure. Any notes or photos taken by writers and lensmen will be autographed and included at auction.

VIN #000018: This will be Vegas bound, and head straight for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, where it will be on display, gathering photos, autographs, and other personal artist mementos to be included in the scrapbook.

VIN #000019 through #0000025: These are the media review trucks that will go into the hands of those of us working-class media. The scrapbook on this will include unpublished test photos and author-autographed copies of publications that feature the story on that particular SSR, along with anything else associated with the test drive and review.

The timeline for the SSR is as follows:
• The Signature Series will be displayed at major auto shows from January to April 2003
• The Pedigree units begin building in May and will run through December 2003
• Vehicles will be sold with scrapbooks when the pedigree is completed.

There have been no final plans as to where or when the VIN #3-25s will be auctioned off, and since the SSR goes on sale in Spring of 2003, you’ll be able to purchase a regular one before the majority of the pedigree models come up for auction.

No one knows what kind of prices they could fetch, but they do know that one way or another, a charity will profit somewhat from the sale of each model in some way.

Only about 3500 models will be produced for the 2003 model year. Allotments of the trucks first will go to Chevrolet dealerships based on total Chevy retail sales. Since there are currently 4100 Chevy dealerships, not everyone will get a first-year model.

Some other notes on SSR you might not be aware of:
• The SSR will not offer OnStar nor XM Satellite radio yet, since there is no where on the vehicle to mount the antennas necessary for both products. The body panels are stamped steel, not plastic, as on the Cadillac XLR, which can incorporate both antennas into the body panels.
• The SSR does not offer run-flat tires, and there is no spare because of the two different tire sizes. It will come with the inflator kit from the Corvette Z06.
• Only three colors will be produced the first year: Red, Yellow and Black. The purple may be offered in 2004, but for the first year will only come on the SS models.
• It’s about a 20-second cycle to drop or lower the convertible hardtop.

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