by Michael Levine

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Subaru STX Concept Vehicle Debuts at LA Auto Show

Remember the Subaru Brat? Well, Subaru of America, Inc. has announced plans that it will once again build a similar vehicle modeled after the well-received STX concept unveiled at the 2000 LA Auto Show.

The STX concept, short for Subaru Truck Xperimental, was an all wheel drive, supercharged, four-door pickup with a trick cargo access system between the bed and interior.

According to Subaru spokesperson Rob Moran there will be some type of pass-through system for passengers to access the rear of the vehicle from the cab but it has not yet been determined if it will be the same, or similar to, the patented sliding rear window / folding panel that was demonstrated on the STX. Moran also stated that Subaru has not yet decided on an engine choice.

Subaru is positioning the new vehicle as, 'the ultimate expression of the Subaru brand essence - fun, freedom, adventure, confidence, and control.'

The as-of-yet unnamed four-door hybrid, based on the Subaru Outback, will be built at the Subaru-Isuzu Automotive plant in Lafayette, Indiana starting in the fall of 2002.