1999 North American International Auto Show

"Looking at the vehicle, you can see it's not your father's Power Wagon ... Nor is it your father's diesel engine." - Bernard Robertson, Senior VP Truck Operations The Dodge Power Wagon Concept Truck heralds another Dodge Pickup revolution.  Featuring a new 7.2 liter direct injection I-6 turbocharged diesel engine, that generates an earth moving 780 lb-ft of torque, and a luxury level interior trimmed in leather, today's Power Wagon demonstrates how far pickups have come since the last Power Wagons were sold in 1946.

The exterior of the Power Wagon reflects the recent trend toward 'edginess' in car design but recalls distinctly its Power Wagon heritage in its looks.   The truck stands at a height of 77 inches, 3 inches taller than today's four wheel drive Ram.  The Power Wagon is built off of the Ram chassis, but its cab is closer to the Dakota Club Cab in size to recall the classical dimensions of the first trucks.
Great attention to detail has been paid in the machine work on the truck.  The high intensity gas discharge projector headlights and rear taillights look almost like jewelry.

The grill has the traditional Dodge crosshairs and sports a power winch strong enough to pull an eighteen-wheeler truck out of a ditch.
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The silver painted body uses aluminum details on the door handles, hinges, and wheels.
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Four doors are found on this truck but instead of finding additional seats in the back, expanded storage is offered instead.  Check out the polished ash wood floor in back of the seats, the same as the wood lining the bed.  The bed also adds a very cool locking mechanism for tying items down in the back.

pwbed.jpg (16325 bytes) pwbed2.jpg (16759 bytes)

pwint.jpg (37670 bytes)  pwint2.jpg (32778 bytes) The distressed leather seats and stainless steel shift levers are meant to evoke a "Sharper Image" type look and feel for the truck.    A far cry from the deluxe cab of the old Power Wagon where buyers enjoyed the comforts of a dome light, arm rest, and sun visor.  Steve Sowinski, interior design chief on the truck, was unable to borrow much from the original. Since trucks have become so popular in the last few years with consumers, a growing concern for auto manufacturers has been the increasing possibility of tougher CAFE and emissions laws.  The Power Wagon engine team not only designed a great new diesel engine with its 7.2 liter powerplant, but actually worked with Syntroleum corporation to create a sulfur-free "designer" fuel that uses abundant and cheap natural gas.  The fuel injection system uses high pressure to improve combustion efficiency, which reduces emissions and enhances performance.

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Power Wagon Statistics:

Basic Dimensions   Body/Chassis  
Overall Length 207" Architecture Body-on-frame
Overall Width 79.9" Extended Cab
Overall Height 77" Quad Doors
Wheelbase 138.7" Material Usage Steel Body
Curb Weight 5357 lbs Steel Frame
Tire, Front LT295/70R 19 29x9.5 wheel Aluminum Wheels
Tire, Rear Same Suspension, Front Link Coil
Propulsion System Suspension, Rear Link Coil
Layout N-S front engine severe-duty transfer case front and rear axles, 4WD Finishes Starbrite Silver body,
Color Leather,
Polished Aluminum
Engine Diesel
7.2L I-6, 250HP Turbocharged, Direct injected
Wheels Polished Aluminum