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Ratings and Review > Chevrolet S-10 > Member Opinions

Overall Rating: (150 Ratings)

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Member Opinions
By: ChevyFuckinRules Overall Rating: Year: 1992
Interior: Maintenance:
Power: Quality:
Style: Value:

Love my S-10

We bought this chevy s-10 new in 1992, and have been totally pleased with it. It currently has 159,000 miles on it and there have been no major problems. It still has the original clutch, battery, timing belt, water pump.

The only thing we have ever done to it is to replace the tires, serpintine belt and the u-joints. We have the extended bed with the regular cab.

We had a cap on it for a long time, then replaced it with the tool box. This has a 2.8 liter, V-6, and although many say it is not a good motor, we have had nothing but great luck with it. We change the oil at every 3000 miles, and the gas mileage is fine, about 20 MPH highway, and all miles are highway miles as this is used for an hour commute daily.

We have had to replace the headlights at least 6 times, as they burn out quickly. The interior locks and glove compartment latch is not very sturdy. But the seats and floors have held up well. We plan to buy another S-10 this year.

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By: GetMyGun Overall Rating: Year: 1996
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How do I gush about my sweet S-10 Truck...let me count the ways

My husband and I have a Chevy S-10 that he purchased in April of 1997. It now has 100,000 miles and is running just as good as ever. After three accidents (ok, I didn't say we could drive!), our truck looks like it has been to the graveyard, but it is still running like the first day we got it.

My husband goes mudding in this truck, has used it to pull up to twice it's weight (several times), and it just keeps on ticking. It has basically been used to death! My husband is a field service technician and drives this thing EVERYWHERE throughout the day. His drive consists of a straight shot down a highway (approximately 30 miles), and then stop and go traffic in downtown Memphis all day long.

Our Chevy is a standard cab, 2.2 liter, 5-speed, MarkIII conversion truck. We have had to change the front brake pads once since we purchased it. The only other things that have had to be changed are the spark plugs, air filters, and just regular oil changes (with synthetic oil). All of which are just basic upkeep for any car or truck.

We were able to pull great weights by adding a class three frame hitch. The bumper would not have been able to pull any of the several cars and trucks that we have moved on our 16-foot tandem axle trailer. We just wish we had a truck with a little more power, but with a 4 cylinder engine, the thing has some pretty good 'get up and go' and has pulled more than most V-6 engines and some V-8 engines.

With a smooth ride, this truck is definitely a keeper for us! We would definitely recommend this truck to a fact, my husband's best friend purchased a 1999 Chevy S-10 about seven months ago because he liked ours so much. So far, so good on his end, too!

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