The GMC Sierra Professional is a concept truck that addresses the complex needs of construction industry contractors for maximum job site flexibility while combining comfort and technology with rugged quality.
GMC and the Lear Corporation, known for innovative seating solutions, teamed up to create this truck with a focus group of people in the construction industry who use their full size extended cab pickups like an office. Special attention was paid to creating the most practical and productive interior environment in a work truck while adding some special exterior enhancements.

Lear led the concept development using its PVI Methodology to suggest improvements upon existing design and assembly processes.

In focus groups, Lear questioned 72 contractors about their trucks as they related to their job and its requirements. Some of the questions included:

  • What kind of cell phone do you use?
  • Do you use a laptop in your vehicle?
  • What type of storage do you use?
  • What locations are best for storage?

Rear under the seat storage includes first aid kit and AuraGen generator casing

Lear learned from the questions answered, not surprisingly, that contractors' trucks serve as both "workhorse" and office, transportation for commuting and taking employees from one work site to another, and are used to carry files, cell phones, note pads, and lunch. Lear also considered an inherent problem with the work truck environment - keeping things clean.

The center console in the GMC Sierra Professional is a self contained business center

With the information gathered from the focus groups Lear created the GMC Professional interior solution. A look at the future of GMC work trucks.

Looking at the center console and dash area, Lear created a fully functional Mobile Office Environment. The console includes a laptop, removable hot / cold cooler, file storage, cell phone plug in and storage, a removable trash bin, portable printer, and multiple power points. The dash houses a unique full color LCD panel controlling six program functions: map display, radio interface, OnStar interface, clock display, a cell phone interface to allow both dialing and answering the phone, and a PC interface for running standard PC applications. Switching between functions is controlled by a switch bank located just right of the dash mounted LCD display screen. The steering wheel has an auxiliary LCD display switch for hands free program switching.

As mentioned above, the Sierra Professional includes a laptop computer. The Compaq Armada is normally cradled in a built in docking station but at only 3.1 pounds it can be easily removed from the truck when needed. It's 64Mb of RAM and 333MHz processor provide enough horsepower for almost any business task.

Additional storage for gloves and glasses and a utility hook for a hardhats and jackets can be found on the interior rear door panels.

The Mobile Office Environment features in this truck communicate through an Intelligent Transportation Data Bus (IDB). This communication system creates an open, nonproprietary standard architecture allowing multiple electronic devices to be installed easily and safely. The IDB is meant to increase the choices for consumers in the electronics they can install in their cars and should help lessen component obsolescence.

As you can imagine any truck supporting so much electronics requires a significant power source. An AuraGen underhood Generator supplies 5000 Watts of 110/220V AC power. A panel on the exterior of the cab, built into the left hand side rocker panel, allows a user to
access power through

The in-dash LCD controls 6 different program functions

The AuraGen generator control unit casing is located in the rear passenger area

110 and 220V outlets or using a 50-foot extension cord.

To manage interior cleanliness Lear utilized many different materials. The materials keep the interior livable including vinyl inserts in the main contact areas of the seats, low-dirt-adhesion trim on the door panel surfaces and marine-type carpeting that, while washable, maintains OEM appearances after cleaning.

On the exterior of the truck a WARN winch was added capable of 9500 pounds pulling capacity and in the rear a DMI shock-absorbing hitch was installed. GM's own TracRac bed side rail system is used for overhead supply and ladder storage. A Putco stainless steel toolbox rests on a Duraliner bed liner while a Gator tailgate ramp makes loading and unloading heavy pieces of equipment easier. Putco stainless steel running boards help occupant ingress and egress into the cab.

Leave it to GMC and Lear to come up with a rugged work truck that combines a "go anywhere" attitude with a "do anything" capability for today's and tomorrow's contractors.