Performance West Dodge Dakarta

The Dodge Dakarta is fully outfitted to take on the demands of the grueling Paris-Dakar-Cairo Road Race. Using the Dodge Dakota Quad Cab as a starting point, Performance West has added rugged endurance capabilities.

A Kenne Bell engineered supercharger has been added to the 5.9 liter V8 engine. The twin screw supercharger runs at 6 pounds of boost but provides the engine with over 350 horsepower. Tuned exhaust headers and a low restriction cat back exhaust system allow you to both feel and hear the power.

The exterior has been

The rear mounted spare tire adds weight to the back of the Dakarta.

The Dakarta uses a Kenne Bell twin screw supercharger to boost engine horsepower to 350 hp.

upgraded with a tubular guard sporting PIAA Racing Lights and aluminum skid plate. The entire cab is surrounded with a tubular cage and massive roof rack. The roof rack is able to accommodate a large number of lights needed for racing at night.

The bed of the truck is covered by a fastback canvas soft top by Can Back. At the rear is a specially designed tubular spare tire carrier suspended off the rear of the vehicle. The position of the spare tire not only enables easy accessibility but also adds weight to the rear.

The Dakarta name was chosen to exemplify the assertive persona of the vehicle. Able to handle all the on and off road conditions nature can throw at it, the Dakarta is ready to take on the world.