DaimlerChrysler Howler Concept Pickup

DaimlerChrysler today unveiled the Howler show car at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. With the 250 bhp, 300 lb.-ft. V8 Howler, DCX shows off a performance roadster pickup interpretation of Prowler.

The Howler is an unprecedented combination of outrageous yet practical design and powerful performance. The technical team changed the engine from the standard V6 to the PowerTech V8, replaced the rear transaxle with an engine-mounted five-speed manual transmission with 10.5 inch clutch and a Dana 44 rear

differential, and fabricated a custom driveshaft and half-shafts. A pedal package with clutch was borrowed from the Neon to replace the standard two pedal package. Removing the rear transaxle provided the opportunity to reposition the fuel tank.

"This in turn allowed us to open up the rear of the car and create space for a trunk while leaving the front end, doors, top and interior untouched," said designer Christopher Schuttera. "The result is a show car that remains true to the heritage of the home-built hot rod, yet offers true everyday convenience."