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Additional SEMA Show Coverage

Day One - November 02, 1999

Turtle V

Navistar International displays the Turtle V

The Turtle V is the latest in a 26 year-old series of trucks on a quest to build the 'ultimate backroad travel/adventure vehicle. Built on a Ford F-550 4x4 chassis, the Turtle V is powered by the latest generation of Ford PowerStroke Diesel engines.
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Dodge Dakota Quad Cab

Dodge Dakota Quad Cab is SEMAs 'Vehicle of the Show'

The Dakota is being presented at SEMA in multiple configurations to demonstrate its customization potential to the aftermarket.
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Ford & Oracle Announce Alliance

Ford and Oracle Team Up to Improve Supply Chain

Jac Nasser, CEO of Ford Motor Company, and Ray Lane, President of Oracle Corporation, announced a joint venture today called AutoXchange.
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The Dakarta

Performance West Dodge Dakarta

The Dodge Dakarta is fully outfitted to take on the demands of the grueling Paris-Dakar-Cairo Road Race. Using the Dodge Dakota Quad Cab as a starting point, Performance West has added rugged endurance capabilities.
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Tacoma Stepside

Toyota Tacoma Stepside Makes SEMA Appearance

The new 2000 Toyota Tacoma Stepside was shown in Las Vegas today.
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Ford Scuba SuperCrew

Ford F-150 Scuba SuperCrew Surfaces

The Ford F-150 Scuba SuperCrew Concept truck made waves today in Las Vegas. Using the new four door variant of the popular F-Series, the Scuba is specifically tailored to those seeking adventure both above and below the water.
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Howler Hot Rod Pickup Truck

DaimlerChrysler Shows the Howler, a Performance Roadster Pickup

DaimlerChrysler today unveiled the Howler show car at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.
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Day Two - November 3, 1999

GM Duramax Diesel 6600 V8

General Motors Duramax Diesel Shown

The Duramax Diesel 6600 is an all-new, 90-degree V8 with Bosch common-rail direct-injection and an overhead valve (OHV), four-valve-per-cylinder design. It replaces GM's current 6.5-liter turbo diesel and will provide Silverado/Sierra 2500HD/3500 Pickup and Chassis-Cab customers
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Bed Bugs

Cool Product: Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are a simple way to transport cargo in the bed of a pickup truck easier, faster and safer. Traditional techniques for transporting cargo, especially smaller heavier items such as toolboxes or fully loaded cardboard boxes, required the use of tie downs. Bed Bugs are supposed to help this problem.
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Cool Product: Hide-N-Side Storage

As we cruise the SEMA show PUTC is almost overwhelmed by the selection of parts and accessories for pickup trucks. We came across the Hide-N-Side and liked it instantly. Produced by Innovative Truck Storage, Inc., PUTC has to ask the question - why have the truck manufacturers not licensed an option like this from ITS?
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BF Goodrich Scorcher T/As

Cool Product: BF Goodrich Scorcher T/As

With four colors to choose from these H- and V- speed rated (up to 130mph or 149mph respectively) tires are attention grabbers. The color actually refreshes as the tires wear. Available in 16-, 17- and 18-inch versions.
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Day Three - November 04, 1999

Borla Fire Rescue Command Vehicle


Developed by Borla Industries, the Fire Rescue Command Vehicle demonstrates the 'versatility and utilitarianism' of the Quad Cab in an accessories package sure to heat up the aftermarket.
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Ford's Arctic Explorer Sport Trac

...and Ice

Ford's Arctic Explorer Sport Trac is the cool truck to have for extreme sports and outdoor adventures. The Arctic is equipped to handle all your 'excursions' from the valley floor to the top of the ski slopes.
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Chevrolet V8 Xtreme

Chevrolet V8 Xtreme

The Chevrolet V8 Xtreme is straight out of GM's toy Box. Starting with the venerable S-10 and choosing the Xtreme "Sport Appearance Package", the V8 Xtreme only gets more radical as you go.
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Chevrolet Baja Crew Cab

Chevrolet Baja 4x4x4 Debuts at SEMA

It has four doors, all forward-opening. It has an extendable bed. It stands taller and wider than your average S-10. And itís got a swinging, two-tone Yellow Acid Metallic exterior paint job.
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