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7% Grade Test Results for GMC 2500 and Ford F-350, Automatics with 12,100 lb. Trailer

7% Grade Test Results for Chevy 3500, Dodge 3500 and Ford F-350, Manuals with 12,100 lb. Trailer

After this second round of testing we have found that all of these trucks are quite capable. Not too many years ago a test like this could have used a sundial for accurate measurement.

A note about the final test coming next week. Standing at the top of the 15% grade and looking down only to realize that soon we would be towing a 12,100-pound trailer up that hill with a manual transmission - well, let's just say it was a pretty sobering view that was radically different from this 7% warm-up.

I can tell you that each of us missed a shift on the way up. Find out what we did to get up the hill in part three next Monday. Till then Happy Thanksgiving and don’t eat too much.

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