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15% Grade Test Results for GMC 2500 and Ford F-350, Automatics with 12,100 lb. Trailer

15% Grade Test Results for Chevy 3500, Dodge 3500 and Ford F-350, Manuals with 12,100 lb. Trailer

As you can see from these results each of these trucks is quite capable of towing at least a 12,100 pound trailer in a variety of situations. And while we must declare one truck the overall winner, we are the true winners - the people that buy and use trucks everyday. Each of these trucks did everything that we asked them to do.

The only subjective part of this test is selecting that winner. The clincher was the fifteen percent grade test. Missed shifts just don’t occur with automatics.

The winner, as you all have guessed by now, is the 2003 Ford Power Stroke 6.0 Liter with TorqShift Automatic. In every test this truck performed flawlessly and consistently delivered the fastest times loaded or unloaded.

Congratulations to Ford and the engineers that contributed to the performance increase in the new Power Stroke 6.0 liter diesel. We can’t wait for the next test when the HO Cummins is available with an automatic and the Duramax gets updated for 2004 with some of the technology found in the Power Stroke.

We live in exciting times. Till the next test opportunity…..

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