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Under the hood is an enhanced High-Output Cummins I6 engine. The high-pressure, common-rail, fuel-injected 5.9liter inline 6-cylinder engine is turbocharged and intercooled. Cummins chrome plated all the engine parts and added high-performance headers to more efficiently exit the hot gases. These hot gases then exit the vehicle through massive Gibson Performance 4in. diameter chrome-plated dual exhausts that run the length of the Ram 1-ton and gives a great sounding bass exhaust note. This special engine shakes the asphalt like an earthquake, right off the Richter Scale with an incredible 350hp at 2,900rpm and of torque at just 1,400rpm.

It's almost inconceivable-at just a whisper above idle, the Cannonball can clean-break over 11-tons of rolling weight, the highest towing capacity of any 1-ton truck on the road.

The Cannonball's design elements enhance its purpose and its size. This is a long-haul truck; born to dominate the nation's highways, to scale the Rockies, consume miles of desert and grasslands. Xenon Body Styling custom designed the unique front fascia and fender flares with Street Scene Equipment supplying the perforated aluminum top and bottom grilles that gives the Cannonball Express a more racy, high-performance look.

Every aspect of this 1-ton is accentuated, larger than life, as if in sheer acknowledgment of the uniqueness and strength of this vehicle. Adding to its already imposing dimensions, SpectraFlair Holographic Metalflake 'Cold Rolled Steel' paint covers every inch of this brute's muscular body. The color is a fluid silver/blue in appearance, and evokes the strength of cold rolled steel. Further enhancing the fire-breathing persona of the Cannonball Express are SpectraFlair ghost flames that run along the sides, further re-enforcing the unique theme of this vehicle. Add huge 22X8in. 'Edge' Oasis Alloy Wheels, and wrap them with massive 38in. tires, (LT315/60R22), created exclusively for the Cannonball Express by Goodyear. What we have here is a real 'Road Warrior'.

Add a White Night Light System at the rear for nighttime lighting needs, a Wise Industries bedliner, an electric folding tonneau cover by Wabasto, and you've got a vehicle unlike any other, one that captures your attention, at rest or at speed!

Handling and control of the Cannonball Express has also been enhanced with a lowering kit from Advantage Performance Center. A lower center of gravity riding on 22in. tires/wheels gives the Cannonball Express a more sedan like responsive and compliant ride. With standard 13.9in. power-assisted ABS steel disc brakes clamped with 2-piston calipers at each wheel, there was no need to upgrade the industry's best brakes.

When you climb aboard the Cannonball Express you've found a new home to relax and enjoy yourself as you spend effortless hours watching the sights of the highway go by, and hear the rumble of the Cummins Turbo Diesel in your pursuit of your latest adventure. The Ram's interior is wrapped in durable, glove-soft Katzkin leather in all seats and the large folding center console. The cabin is also accented with brushed stainless steel trim surrounding the instrument panel, center stack and door switch plates. Thick Mopar floor mats relax your feet and you can't miss the Dodge logo stainless steel door entry guards as you enter and exit the cab. Johnson Window Film is applied to the side and rear glass enabling the cabin to stay cool on hot days with an extra measure of security from prying eyes.

For you're your entertainment, listen to a Clarion AM-FM Sirius Satellite System stereo that is always with you when you've ventured far off the beaten path.

The Cannonball Express was not created to just roam the confines of the city; this is one vehicle that's just too big, too strong, and too powerful to continually travel with conventional traffic. The Cannonball Express demands long, winding stretches of country. Its only limitation is the courage of the driver to experience the wide-open spaces, while living life in the fast lane.

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