Future Trucks from Kia and Hyundai
By: Mark StehrenbergerPosted: 10-01-06 00:11 PT
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Kia's Future Pickup

Kia Motors has done well in America during its relatively short initiation period, with its small cars selling well and larger Sedona minivan and Sorento suv changing perceptions about the brand.

No doubt perceptions would change further once the South Korean automaker begins to build a pickup truck.

A pickup would represent a great opportunity for Kia to continue to affirm its commitment not just to the North American market, and it will continue to invest heavily in the U.S. and around the world to support the steady expansion of sales and market share globally.

While looking every bit like a ladder-frame pickup, the as yet unnamed truck is based on the unibody Sedona minivan and midsize Sorento sport utility, so a new platform is not needed and profits could potentially be high.

Obviously Kia would be targeting the big 3 trucks, Toyota's Tundra and Nissan's Titan, and focus its attention on the gen-y buyer. like other multi-functional vehicles, the Kia truck features a power-sliding bulkhead that is said to "expand the size of its cargo bed" from 71 inches to 86 inches.

The new model could be powered by the brands 3.8-liter V6 engine, which delivers 192-hp at 5,500 rpm and 217-hp at 3,000 rpm in the sorento suv. It features pillarless clamshell-type doors for ease of entry and exit, plus a luxurious interior.

The condition of the truck market segment in the coming months will help Kia decide if the timing for this truck is right!

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