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Lund Cargo Carriers (and accessories)
($80 From Lund International at

Lund International is a supplier both to the original equipment automakers and to aftermarket retailers and auto shops and among its long list of products are three new cargo carriers that fit into a hitch receiver.

Carriers come with 20 x 60 ($80-$90), 21 x 48 ($100-$120) or 21 x 61-inch ($100-$120) platforms, and the later two will fold up parallel with the tailgate when not in use.

Lund also offers several accessories for its carrier units, including a heavy duty, waterproof storage bag, cargo net tie downs, a cargo restraint bar and a bike carrier attachment that secures the wheels of as many as three bicycles.

SportRack Modular H Bike Rack
($270-$450 from SportRack Automotive at

“We designed this rack for cycling enthusiasts who own a variety of bikes and don’t want the hassle of changing carrier systems every time they transport a different style frame,” said Richard Borghi, SportRack Automotive president. Thus the new Modular H Bike Rack has individual 360-degree rotating mounts to accommodate mountain, road, touring or junior-style bicycles.

The H Rack is available in 2-, 3- or 4-bike sizes and is designed to adjust so those bikes don’t bump into each other during transport.

A Modular H Base Unit also is available and has a tilt-away feature that allows easier access to the truck bed (or to the rear door of an SUV).

Twistep for Pickup Trucks
($199 from OT LLC at

When their arthritic dogs became too large to lift into the back of their SUVs, engineers and entrepreneurs Dan Knodle and Gary Bang created a step that plugged into a trailer hitch so their dogs could climb aboard. Now they’ve extended their idea with an extended step that works when the tailgate of a pickup truck is in its horizontal position.

The push-and-turn knob lowers and extends the Twistep into position so it can be used as a stair step, a platform (to ease access to a truck rack) or as a seat for putting on boots or other sports gear.

The ‘step holds up to 500 pounds on a platform that’s 20 inches wide and 18.25 inches deep and extends three feet behind the hitch to clear a lowered tailgate.

It also can be stored beneath the bumper and does not need to be removed when not in use.

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