Adding a LINE-X Spray In Bed Liner to a Truck
By: Jason Teller Posted: 09-30-07 18:40 PT
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Whether you are a domestic truck owner or you drive a foreign brand one thing in common between all pickup owners is the need to protect the bed of the truck.

A review of the alternatives for our 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty quickly led us away from drop-in liners to more permanent spray-in options based primarily on aesthetic considerations. The 6.4-liter diesel King Ranch is just a great looking truck both inside and out – and the desire to protect the bed while doing little to deteriorate the aforementioned exterior was strong.

Our three requirements for the bedliner were: 1) Medium duty protection for a truck that would be used primarily for outdoor activities and towing, but occasionally for loads of landscaping material, rubbish or household goods; 2) A consistently applied liner that would appear almost stock at a casual glance; and 3) In keeping with the “stock” concept, a spray-in liner which was accurately color-matched to the truck’s paint.

The need for a high performance coating led us to well-known LINE-X with one simple request. We asked them for a behind the scenes look at the entire process from start to finish so we could help readers understand what happens in the shop during a typical 2-3 hour installation.

The first step in getting a great spray-in bedliner is to go to a great LINE-X dealer. The company of course strives for consistency among its more than 450 US dealers, but we were fortunate to visit LINE-X of South Metro in Littleton, CO where owner Brad Squibb has consistently ranked as one of the Top 5 dealers in the country based on total beds sprayed each month.

With our Dark Blue Pearl F-250 and the previously mentioned goal of maintaining a stock look we were interested in LINE-X’s newest product, LINE-X- XTRA. Created in cooperation with DuPont Performance Coatings, LINE-X XTRA allows the owner to specify literally any color for the bedliner. Naturally our choice was the truck’s factory-original paint code. LINE-X XTRA not only provides color-matching, but is fortified with DuPont Kevlar to provide both additional protection against scratches, gouges or punctures and U/V fade resistance to keep the color looking great for years to come.

The 2008 F-250 includes a standard tailgate liner (and ours with the optional integrated tailgate step) meaning that the tailgate would not see be visiting the spray booth. Whether it is to be sprayed or not, the installation begins with the removal of the tailgate.

With the backside of our truck wide open the prep work begins in earnest.

The beauty of the LINE-X product is that it can be utilized whether the truck is brand new like ours or if it has already seen its share of the elements. It's not altogether uncommon for owners to make the switch from a drop-in liner to a higher quality spray-in liner, although the condition of the bed underneath a long time drop-in liner can leave a lot to be desired. Either way the bed of the truck must be inspected and appropriately prepped. A new truck will require only a cursory cleaning, whereas a bed in rough shape will need quite a bit more work.

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