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As the truck emerges from the spray booth its like an episode of Extreme Makeover. We wait patiently for the installers to start pulling away the masking so we can see the final product in the context of the overall truck. It only takes a moment to appreciate the results because the LINE-X XTRA material has been correctly color-matched and looks almost like it was “born” together with the rest of the truck at Ford’s plant in Kentucky. At the edges the lines are crisp and laser straight and we can't detect any spray or color inconsistencies anywhere in the bed of the truck. Nicely done.

Putting the truck back together, including all bolts, accessories and tie downs, we talk about LINE-X’s overall approach to the bedliner business.

First they start with a polyurethane elastomer product which has been developed and refined in house. The company then applies a rigorous process to ensure quality and constancy in each and every application. Finally, LINE-X backs each bedliner with an national limited lifetime warranty against cracking, bubbling and flaking to ensure peace of mind in the highly unlikely event of any defect down the road. LINE-X confirms this warranty when, after completely replacing all hardware and the tailgate, they proudly apply the warranty bed tag (and in our case a LINE-X XTRA tag as well).

Our extensive look behind the scenes at LINE-X helped us appreciate why the brand is rightfully known as a premium choice for pickuptruck owners looking for a durable and great looking bedliner solution.  Owners like Brad will confidently tell you that it is not the cheapest alternative on the market for good reason: quality product, quality application and a quality warranty do come at a certain price. From our point of view, fair value was received for the $700 retail price of the color-matched LINE-X XTRA installation ($450 for standard black, and $189 additional for LINE-XTRA in standard black or $150 to $250 for additional color matching).

Incidentally, dealers set prices for each of LINE-X’s products based on their local markets so prospective customers are best off to contact a local dealer directly for pricing.

The before and after for our truck was dramatic.

The many scratches which had accumulated in our short first month of ownership prior to the LINE-X XTRA installation were now long gone and covered with a perfectly color-matched spray-in liner.

Not more than a week later we move two filing cabinets which scrape along the bed of the truck both on the way in and the way out with absolutely no affect on the appearance of the bedliner. A full load of firewood follows, and requires a thorough sweeping and spray down to remove all the loose bark afterwards, but again the bedliner looks like the day it was sprayed.

LINE-X performs as advertised and looks great doing it.

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