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Mater, "Cars"

Notable features: Talks, has prominent front teeth

Inspired by a 1951 International boom truck, with a few GM pickup design cues from the same era mixed in, this anthropomorphic work truck runs “Tow Mater Towing and Salvage” in the rural desert town of Radiator Springs on Route 66. During his off hours, Mater (“Like tuh-mater, but without the ‘tuh’”) likes to go tractor-tipping (“Tractors is so dumb”) and hone his skills driving backward (“Ain't no need to watch where I'm goin'; just need to know where I've been”). If we were stuck in Radiator Springs, we’d want Mater to be our best friend, too.


1972 Ford F-100, "Mad Max 2 – The Road Warrior"

Notable features: Wraparound, boat-style windshield, bed-mounted four-bolt crossbow-launcher, non-Ford-SVT-endorsed cobras painted on the doors

In post-apocalyptic Australia, where oil is hoarded or hunted at any cost, shoulder-pad-wearing marauders deep in the Outback use this weaponized F-100 to try to steal gasoline from Max Rockatansky and his allies. Then he gets mad!

With fuel prices near all-time highs and pickup sales falling harder than the bodies in this flick, will Ford nostalgically refer to the "Mad Max" F-100 if it resurrects the badge for its rumored 2011 EcoBoost-powered midsize pickup? Um, no.


1986 Ford F-350 (aka Bigfoot No. 7), "Road House"

Notable features: Six-foot-tall tires, weighs 28,000 pounds, takes more than one parking spot - you gotta problem with that?

We wish we could take credit for this quote, from "What makes ‘Road House’ such a great movie? The answer is easy: It's quite simply the most implausible film ever made. Compared to 'Road House,' 'Star Wars' is a documentary. This is a movie that expects you to believe a man can be famous the world over for being a bouncer (played by Patrick Swayze, with a mullet). This is a movie that wants you to believe a small-town crime lord can afford a Bigfoot 4x4 monster truck, and that he’ll actually use it to intimidate local businesses."

Oh man, we miss the 1980s.


Ironhide, 2007 GMC Topkick C4500, "Transformers"

Notable features: Weapons specialist, can imitate Clint Eastwood

Aside from Optimus Prime, is any Autobot cooler than Ironhide? He’s got cannons for arms, for crying out loud! Can summer movie characters get any better than that? Let’s just hope that now that diesel fuel costs 20 percent more than regular unleaded, his robotic pals don’t trade him in for a hybrid in the next movie.


1985 Toyota Pickup SR5, "Back to the Future"

Notable features: In 1985, nothing was cooler

This is the truck many of us still dream about – the one we were supposed to drive when we got our license. Even if we could have a DeLorean-based time machine, alter the course of history and stop nuclear terrorists, we’d still want to park this black 4x4 in our garage -- freshly waxed by Biff Tannen, of course.

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