The impressive concept is exceptionally roomy and despite the impression of bulk portrayed by its exterior, it only measures 2.5 inches more in overall length than the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan. Overhangs are short both fore and aft. There is a high
beltline, tall bumpers and a strong body character line -- all working to pull the powerful design elements pleasingly together.

Moving to the luxurious interior, one realizes instantly, that the MAXXcab does indeed give greater priority to passengers over cargo and mere utilitarian purpose. In addition to sumptuous seating for up to five, the ergonomically friendly cab interior offers a plethora of electronic wizardry -- many never before found in any vehicle, let alone a truck. Surrounded by rich cream colored leather upholstery with navy colored inserts, polished wood accents, brushed aluminum and chrome, advanced features abound that allow the MAXXcab to serve as an office-on-wheels, an entertainment center or a mobile day care facility without giving up the ability to carry a half-ton payload and to do a full day's work.

Up front resides a driver "Infotronic" system capable of accommodating the need for gathering information and data while on the road. This is accomplished by a "plug-and-play" laptop computer port housed in the center console with a
toaster-style pop-up feature. Liquid crystal displays for the system appear in both the instrument and in the rear of the console. The driver (or front passenger) may access mobile office screens and the Internet via voice recognition for traffic information, weather updates and personal e-mail. Voice prompts also activate the telephone and the vehicle's navigation and diagnostic systems. This system operates at roughly one-third the speed of a home system with a Cellular Digital Packet Data (CD-PD) modem. A higher speed (more than double) system called Ricochet II is available in limited market areas. The audio source is derived from the owner's laptop in downloadable MP3 files or alternative music formats such as Sony's memory stick chips or compact flash cards.

The rear cabin area is geared to the younger set with three minivan-style child safety seats built in for toddlers and older offspring, with the middle seat power-controlled from the front, enabling parents to move the seat forward, closer to the front seats creating a "kid-cocoon." The child seats feature additional side bolsters for comfortable napping or rest time, with lower side nets for toy storage. There is an "Edu-tainment" system complete with a DVD player, Internet access and a handheld sketch pad linked to a secondary plug-in laptop computer that fits beneath the rear seat.

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