The real crown jewel is a unique system serving both front and rear passengers individually, called "Cone of Sound." This system is composed of integrated ultrasonic transducers based on the "Audio Spotlight" technology developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab. Cone of Sound features individualized listening without the use of headphones.

Audio Spotlight produces high-pressure sound waves with a frequency above human hearing utilizing the ultrasonic transducers. Audible sound is created by modulating the high frequency sound
waves using a non-linear property of air. A very tight column of sound, comparable to the beam of light from a
flashlight is produced by the short wavelength of these high pressure waves. The sound beam may then be directed to a particular passenger without other passengers hearing that sound. Currently, up to four passengers may receive the customized sound beams without interfering with the listening enjoyment of others. The MAXXcab is the first vehicle to incorporate the Cone of Sound technology.

Power for the MAXXcab comes from the Next Generation 4.7 liter MagnumŽ V-8 engine mated to an electronically controlled, multi-speed (four-speed with an alternate second gear capability totaling a five-speed range) electronic transmission from the Durango. The balance of the running gear is based primarily on the Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, except for the independent rear suspension, which is a custom-designed version similar to that found in the Viper. The engine produces 238 horsepower and 295 pound feet of torque and is capable of propelling the MAXXcab from 0-60 mph in 7.7 seconds. Top speed is 114 mph.

Driving the Dodge MAXXcab concept is enough to instill in one, a superiority complex. Turn the key and the engine rumbles to life with a healthy and pleasing exhaust note. Move the vertically operated, console-mounted gearshift into Drive, press the throttle and launch forward. This is supposed to be a truck, but it feels much more like a sedan in terms of its handling characteristics. Acceleration is brisk, steering is responsive and precise, gear changes are smooth and braking is positive.

Visibility is outstanding and the ride quality is extremely comfortable and compliant. Concept vehicles are generally not as refined in terms of actual operation as I found this Butane Blue Pearl metallic finished MAXXcab to be -- a most pleasant surprise. I'm ashamed now of my first reaction to the MAXXcab -- I was wrong, this is definitely a vehicle to aspire to in a very BIG way.

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