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Special attention has been paid to the beds of the Oakley trucks. Working with Snug Top and Twins Custom Concepts, the smoothed surfaces are polished and embossed with Oakley logos and stylized skulls and crossbones. "The beds have powdercoated sheetmetal and aluminum flooring throughout. This provides a clean but functional use for the beds" said Bowers. Cut into the tailgate are wheel slots with integrated covers for two motorcycles. Towards the rear of the cargo box you can see the large Oakley logo cut into the sides. Street Concepts first pocketed the bedsides and then had an Oakley Icon machined out of Billet Aluminum and bolted it to the bed.

Inside the MX Silverados Kenwood sound systems and DVD navigation pump music into cockpits. The seats were reskinned by Katzkin with a combination of leather and Kevlar.

If you are wondering about why Oakley didn't use the trademark Iridium coating found on its sunglasses on the window surfaces of the MX, Bowers tell us, "The coating process is too complicated to coat such a large surface. The surface must also be completely free of any contaminants for the coating to adhere correctly. Unfortunately, glass is too porous to allow it to be completely dirt free."

The price for all the modifications brings the completely outfitted trucks close to $80,000 each and this brings up a question first raised by fans of the Fox Cycle truck. Will they build it? Well, the Oakley MX Silverado won't see production, even in limited numbers, but they will quite likely have an impact on future trucks from Chevrolet and in cooperation with Oakley. These trucks would be lower priced than the MX but still carry a premium over other pickups in their price tag and features.

Some of the innovations pioneered on the Oakley and Fox trucks will be seen in January 2003 on the Chevrolet Cheyenne concept truck. The Cheyenne will represent Chevrolet's latest thinking about the full size pickup, going outside of the box to take it to the next level.

Dean also adds these comments about the MX trucks.

"Both Oakley and Chevrolet are going to very closely watch the acceptance of these trucks and the desire is for us to do something more. The hope is that these trucks allow Oakley to move into things beyond traditional eyewear, apparel and timing and become relevant in transportation, a category that could become really strong for Oakley. Chevrolet in turn could learn and grow from the knowledge that Oakley has in strong enthusiast markets."

"What we'd love to hear is input back from folks of their perceptions of the Oakley truck and how strongly would they desire to have an Oakley branded and co-developed truck that targets enthusiasts. There are plans for something we'd like to do beyond the MX trucks."

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