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In real world terms, this allows a Silverado or Sierra to do a u-turn on a regular four-lane street without using reverse. And when you consider trailering in low-speed situations, Quadrasteer reaches even greater levels of utility.

For the near future, GM will have the monopoly on Quadrasteer, but Delphi insiders say that it will be turning up on two other pickup models in due course. Since Ford has essentially taken a pass on the technology for the new F-Series (they saw how slowly it was selling for GM and decided it wasn't worth the effort), that only leaves the Nissan Titan and the next version of the Toyota Tundra. No one at either company will comment, of course, but what other large pickups are there?

It's possible that whatever other vehicles come with the Quadrasteer four-wheel-steering system, it will be the enhanced version that Delphi recently announced.

Robert J. Remenar, president of Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems, says his company's engineers have taken this electronic steering system to the next level by ''closing the loop'' and allowing the sensory inputs (vehicle speed, hand wheel position, vehicle yaw rate, and lateral acceleration) to be continuously fed back into the controller so that the steering system can actively respond to the vehicle's actions.
In addition, Remenar says, Delphi has integrated this closed loop version of the system with its brake-based Traxxar stability control program.

''The electronic integration of these two vehicle systems helps take safety to a new level,'' Remenar says. ''Until now, brake-based systems have been the standard for achieving vehicle stability control. However, these systems react only during emergency driving situations, applying the brakes to help maintain control.''

Loss of directional control is a primary cause of rollovers, Remenar points out, ''so by bringing rear steering into the equation, the next Quadrasteer constantly helps reduce loss of directional control before the driver even realizes the vehicle might become unstable.''

Stay tuned to this website for more information on what Delphi is doing with Quadrasteer and in which pickups it will be deployed.

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