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The long and hard work getting the PWG 2004 Dodge Ram ‘Rumble Bee’ together is over and it is ready to take out on the road for a drive.

The acceleration is awesome, 60mph from a standstill comes in just 5sec. from the 500+hp supercharged Hemi engine. The growling sounds of the dual cat-back exhaust is music to your ears. With a Hotchkis Performance precision suspension kit and lowering, the handling is crisp and precise, just like when behind the wheel of a new BMW 740i on the open highway or slicing through curving roads. The Stainless Steel Brakes Corp. enhanced brakes bring the Rumble Bee to stop quicker with more control.

Inside you are surround by real aluminum trim and cuddled by butter soft Katzkin custom high-back bucket seats and center console both color matched to the B-5 exterior paint. You can watch the needle quickly touch redline on the big Mopar tachometer while your feet are kept busy pushing the aluminum faced pedals.

The exterior is a fantastic rendition of the original 1969 Dodge SuperBee 440 Hemi with a big 6-pack hood scoop, and the same optional B-5 paint and SuperBee graphic stripe . The rear features dual chrome fluted exhaust tips from a 1971 Dodge Charger.

The PWG Rumble Bee is destined to become a classic tuned & dressed-up pickup truck.

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