The match was noticed by quite a few of the riders who looked at the truck, and everyone thought it was a "top-class" look. Several people thought the steering wheel was more suited to a luxury car than to a power truck such as this. The Chevy team agreed and was already looking at possible options. The current cab concept has two sunroofs, pop-up type, and thought is being given to an electric version of the roof, possibly one that covered more of the top with just one opening. Even a canvas rollback was considered!

John Farris, the Silverado Assistant Brand Manager for Marketing, was on hand for the unveiling. John is a moto enthusiast himself and his family rides too. His enthusiasm for the truck is evident. We asked the team about market cross-over with the Avalanche, soon to be available. Clearly there is some overlap, but with the market fragmenting more and more into niche vehicles, Chevy is testing the waters with key niche markets to determine the direction, support, and attractiveness their products need to have to win customers. The truck will be shown at the LA Auto Show.

Clearly the reception the truck has gotten from its two showings so far has been strong. Pete Fox said he would buy one and we could quote him on that!

Ricky Carmichael was very impressed with the truck and hopped in to check it out while we were there! Ricky's got his sights set on Supercross in 2001 and we think he would look great pulling up to the SuperDome in the Silverado/Fox truck!

Most agreed that this would be a great status symbol for the guys at the track on weekends. With a supercharged engine creating 429 HP, this would be more than a strong fashion statement.

Chevy is well aware of the niche trends that are moving through the industry. With ideas swirling around about a "contractor" vehicle, a possible vehicle reminiscent of the K5, and more focus on the build-to-order trend in car manufacturing, Chevy could be taking the right steps to be the "make-of-choice" in the coming years.

We think Chevy should build this truck, and use it as part of its new marketing partnership with the AMA racing series that it sponsored this year.

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